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AED Maintenance Programs

AED Maintenance Programs

The use of AEDs in public places such as schools, churches, shopping malls and in the workplace can and does save lives every day.

The goal of an effective AED Program is to increase the rate of survival of people who have Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

In order to do this, your AED should be properly maintained and inspected on a regular basis. AEDs can hang on a wall or inside a cabinet for months or years. Yet, when needed, we expect them to operate without fail.

However, without a regular inspection program and timely replacement of expired components, the AED could fail to operate when most needed.

AED batteries and electrode pads expire every few years, software may need updating, and vital components could be damaged or removed from the AED.

With no regular inspection, these issues could easily go unnoticed.

We specialize in business & community AED programs. Whether you’re a small facility with a single AED, or a large corporation with 100 units, we can customize an inspection program to meet your needs.


On-Site AED Inspections include:

On-Site AED Inspections

Replacement Pads & Batteries

*We can provide replacement batteries, defib pads and related accessories for all AED models.


Let Us Help You Save a Life!

Let Us Help You Save a Life!

Please consider allowing us to support your AED response program, with periodic AED inspections & timely replacement of pads, batteries and related accessories.

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